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Panasonic FZ-10

[24k] Panasonic FZ-10

Type: Video Game System
Release Date:  

Value New:

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Specifications: Panasonic FZ-10
Size: 310x236x68mm
Weight: 1.7kg
CPU: ARM60 (32bit RISC)
Clock Speed: 12.5MHz
Memory: 3MB RAM (2MB main RAM, 1MB VRAM), 32KB SRAM (battery backup for save games), 1MB ROM
Video Display: 640x480 (inside 320x240), Max. 16.7 Million, Std. 32k colours
Storage: Double speed CD-ROM
Interfaces: I/O Ports: Dsub-9 pin controller port, 30 pin high speed I/O expansion port, 68pin high speed VI/O port for Video CD adapter, RF Video, S-Video, Composite Video, Audio: Stereo 16-bit PCM (sampling 44.1kHz)
Operating System/s: n/a
Input devices: Uses up to 6 daisy-chained 7 button hand controllers
My Panasonic FZ-10

[22k] Panasonic FZ-10

Acquired: Dec-1998
Status: Working
Condition: Good
Serial #: Recorded
Box: Yes
Manuals: Yes

This is a 3DO system, I don't think these were ever officially released in New Zealand as I've not seen any more of these for sale in this country. This example is either a US or Japanese version and runs on 120v and outputs NTSC, and with the help of a voltage converter and an NTSC capable TV I have been able to test it out. I was lucky to get a reasonable selection of games with the console when I bought it and I was able to pick up a few more while in the USA, as finding games locally is not possible.

I enjoy playing on this console, and the graphics while starting to look very dated are still good and there seems to be a great selection of very good games out there for it. (as well as some very, very, bad ones)

3DO Today This is the largest active 3DO console site in the world. You'll find just about everything you could possibly want for the 3DO here.
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