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Site News
  Check here for the latest updates to this site and additions to the collection.  
  20/02/2005 - Computers for sale or swap page added
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  It seems I always end up with too much gear, so this page currently lists surplus items I have around. I'm open to money offers and swaps. Other than the really heavy and difficult to package items I am happy to ship most places in the world if the buyer pays for it.  
  12/02/2005 - Various page updates
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I have corrected my ACT Apricot XL page to read ACT Apricot Xi and have added more info on that system.

  08/01/2005 - Various page updates
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Finally, I've had some time to work out a few of the mistakes in my pages and add a couple of pages. The Sega SC-3000H and Sega Gamegear pages are now online.

  27/12/2004 - New additions to my collection
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I've a number of recent additions to my collection,

Sega SC3000H (Boxed)
Hanimex HMG 1292 Console
Kingway Console (Atari 2600 clone)

  12/08/2004 - New computer pictures added
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  I've finally found the pictures I took of my Franklin ACE 1000, I've now put these up on a page.  
  5/03/2004 - New addition to my collection
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  I've just picked up another Nintendo NES, this example is a boxed Mattel PAL version in good condition. Unfortunately I still don't have any NES games so I'm still unable to test out either of my Nintendo NES consoles.  
  8/02/2004 - New site up and running
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  I've finally transferred all the content from my old site to the new one, along with a new look I've also touched up a lot of the images and have added some new pages.  
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