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Commodore 64

[32k] Commodore 64

Type: Micro Computer
Release Date:  

Value New:

Current Value:  
Specifications: Commodore 64
Size: C64: 404x216x75mm, C64C: 410x245x60mm
Weight: 1820g
CPU: MOS Technology 6510
Clock Speed: 1 MHz
Memory: A total of 64Kbytes. 20 Kbytes of ROM supply the operating system and BASIC. A maximum of 54Kbytes of RAM is available to the user if the BASIC interpreter is not used
Video Display: 25 rows with 40 character positions. High resolution with 320 x 200 dots. 16 colours
Storage: n/a
Interfaces: 2x 9-pin Games ports, Cassette port, TV connector, cartridge slot, monitor connector, RS232 interface, user port
Operating System/s: Commodore BASIC V2 - in ROM
Input devices: Keyboard with 62 typewriter-style keys in a QWERTY layout and four function keys
My Commodore 64's
[32k] Commodore 64C
Acquired: ???-1989
Status: Working
Condition: Good
Serial #: Recorded
Box: No
Manuals: Yes
C64 #2
C64 #3
C64 #4
C64 #5
C64 #6
C64 #7
C64 #8
Acquired: ???-1993 May-1996 Jun-1996 Jun-1996 Oct-1998 Oct-1998 Oct-1998
Status: Faulty Working Faulty Faulty Unknown Unknown Unknown
Condition: Poor Good Good Good Good Good Good
Serial #: Recorded Recorded Recorded Recorded Recorded Recorded Recorded
Box: No No No No No No No
Manuals: No No No No No No No

My first computer ever was a Commodore 64C which my parents bought back in 1989, I still have it, to date this is the only 64C I own all others being the original brown cased 64's. My second 64 was acquired from a friend in 1993 for parts, long before I even considered collecting computers. My third 64 is the only original series version that I have confirmed working, this I bought in May 1996 from an add on a local BBS. The next two 64's came in a bundle with assorted other Commodore hardware, bought more for the hardware than the 64's these two are non-functional. My latest three acquisitions were donated to my collection by a friend who no longer had room for them, these I haven't have time to test yet.


The Commodore 8-bit WWW Server Info on 8-bit Commodore machines but mainly the Commodore 64

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