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Atari 130XE

[35k] Atari 130XE

Type: Micro Computer
Release Date: 1985

Value New:

£170 (1985)
Current Value:  
Specifications: Atari 130XE
Size: 350x233x63mm
CPU: 6502C
Clock Speed: 1.79MHz
Memory: 128KB RAM, 24KB ROM
Video Display: 40x24 text display, high resolution of 320x192 pixels with 256 available colours
Storage: n/a
Interfaces: Two joystick ports, peripheral port, cartridge port, expansion port, RF socket
Operating System/s: n/a
Input devices: Keyboard with 62 keys including 5 pre-programmed function keys
About the Atari 130XE
The Atari 130XE is essentially similar to previous Atari computers such as the 800XL
My Atari 130XE

[36k] Atari 130XE motherboard

Acquired: ???-2003
Status: Working
Condition: Fair
Serial #: Recorded
Box: No
Manuals: No

I picked this computer up from the side of the road where it had been dumped along with some old suitcases and typewriter parts. Unfortunately it was raining at the time and the 130XE already had a lot of water inside. I completely disassembled the 130XE and cleaned most of the dirt off the casing and left all the parts out of the case for a month or so to dry off. I've now reassembled it and it's awaiting testing. I didn't find an AC adapter with the 130XE but I'm informed that a AC adapter for a 800XL should work with this.

26-09-2004 - I've been able to test this out using the PSU from my Atari XEGS and to my surprise have found it still works. I've successfully played Lode Runner from cartridge, but won't be able to test out the driver interface until I pull some more of my Atari gear from storage.



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